Domestic Goddess


Today was a fairly good day, I went into uni for the first time in 3 ? 4 weeks! It wasn’t for a class as I am still signed off. I had a lovely Starbucks latte with the BGF before going to a Union meeting. On my way home I knew I had 2/3 hours before the children needed to be collected from school so I stopped off at B&M to buy a new laundry basket, which as per usual cost £26 as there are so many bits and pieces in that shop that I *need* like a funky oven glove, kitchen roll….hair dye..etc. Then I popped into Asda and decided I would make soup today, since becoming ill the children have been living on quick and easy to make foods like french toast or pizza! So while I had some energy (thanks to the 4 coffees!) I went for it.

The front pot is butternut squash and lentil and the back one is leek and potato, I’m hoping if I blend them to an inch of their life I will be able to have some too, seriously I’m not a milkshake fan anyway so this complan mix is becoming harder and harder to stomach! I used to make soup twice a week when I did Slimming World, wow I really miss eating real food :/

I don’t want to get ahead of myself but the children have all came home in a reasonable mood and the house has not been messed up yet, dare I say this may be a good day ?!

You never know, maybe I’ll even get the iron out tonight, or not..


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