Mental Health

So I am interested in peoples opinions on the discussion of mental health conditions. For many years I never told anyone about mine apart from my BFF, I was embarrassed, ashamed and very self conscious. As the years have gone on I have became more confident, learnt a lot more about my conditions and I’m pretty clued up now on what meds work for me and how to cope with the constant hurdles that depression and anxiety bring.

Also since starting my nursing degree I have became much more aware of the drive to dropping the stigma of mental health conditions and  promoting awareness of said conditions, but there are still times that I feel even people who should be fine with talking about it aren’t.

Now I’m not talking about getting into lengthily discussions or analyzing  thoughts over with people, the BFF and BGF get that privilege 😉 I’m talking about simply saying to someone “I have depression” or “Sorry I’m not feeling great today, I get really bad anxiety”

Please fill in the poll and help me find out, are we ready as a society to talk about these things openly ?


2 thoughts on “Mental Health

  1. Becki says:

    It is getting better. Although I still believe there just isn’t enough counselling readily available and doctors tend to just shove anti depressants at people. I’m not saying anti depressants are wrong btw as I took them for 2 years after my Post Natal.. I’m just really passionate about people being able to have talk theraphy. As a counsellor (I work for MIND so i often get on my soapbox about the fact we need more available counsellors who people can use without waiting a year or having to fork out a lot of money) I’ve seen clients change and grow as people and they’re no longer defined by their mental health issue.
    I also see that people are getting more and more support and opening up more to friends which is fabulous 🙂

  2. I agree, it took 6/7 years before I was offered counselling, even then due to funding it was only 6 sessions which is no where near enough. I’m lucky that I have now been seeing a wonderful CBT/General counsellor through the uni for nearly a year now, I don’t know where I’d be without her! For me personally I’ve been told I will need my medication for life which I’m mostly ok with as it has been disastrous every time I’ve came off it, but I do agree there is a degree of people who could be off medication if there were more services available.

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