Cats and mental health



So from looking at the previous poll I am pleasantly surprised that people do not appear to mind talking about mental health issues, this is reassuring to myself as someone who constantly worries about how other interpret me and over analysis most conversations and actions of people 😉

Moving on to cats, I was never really a cat person, I used to think they were dirty animals that had evil tendencies, the BFF has always been a cat lover and over time I have came round to them, realised they are actually very clean animals and can provide entertainment and love without too much care input from the human.

When the husband moved out I got 2 18 month old cats Maggie and Oreo, unknown to myself Oreo was pregnant so 8 weeks later 4 kittens came along too! Oreo is the loving sooky one, she’s too tolerant of the girls and allows them to carry her around and treat her like a toy doll. Maggie is wiser and only comes for cuddles on her own terms, but is lovely in her own way.

The first 4 weeks after the kittens arrived you’d hardly have known they were here, they mainly stayed in their nest unless I brought them out, but now, well they have suddenly came to life and within a week have started to run, jump and explore! It’s all very entertaining and fun but also means kittens turning up in the oddest places and having to watch we don’t stand on them, I love lie there has been the odd case of a kitten scooting across the floor due to someone not noticing it but they are all still alive and well. If they can survive the youngest ones constant picking up of them and “delicate” touch they can survive anything. I’d like to say it’s so they will be used to children but none of them are going to homes with kids!

I really want to keep Moo, or CowCat depending on who you ask! S/he is so cute and well it would be wrong not to keep 1 wouldn’t it! The husband said we’re not moving back in together with 3 cats, I was thinking of re homing Maggie due to her litter tray “accidents” and fighting with her sister but it’s almost as if she’s a mind reader and has stopped this unwanted behavior. Perhaps some special favours will need to be called in so he can’t say no 😉

The cats are great for mental health, I was home alone last night which I would normally hate but having the cats keeps me company, it also means any strange noises can be blamed on the cats 🙂 

Right time to find some motivation to tidy the kitchen and sort the school clothes for the week!


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