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Mental Health

So I am interested in peoples opinions on the discussion of mental health conditions. For many years I never told anyone about mine apart from my BFF, I was embarrassed, ashamed and very self conscious. As the years have gone on I have became more confident, learnt a lot more about my conditions and I’m pretty clued up now on what meds work for me and how to cope with the constant hurdles that depression and anxiety bring.

Also since starting my nursing degree I have became much more aware of the drive to dropping the stigma of mental health conditions and  promoting awareness of said conditions, but there are still times that I feel even people who should be fine with talking about it aren’t.

Now I’m not talking about getting into lengthily discussions or analyzing  thoughts over with people, the BFF and BGF get that privilege 😉 I’m talking about simply saying to someone “I have depression” or “Sorry I’m not feeling great today, I get really bad anxiety”

Please fill in the poll and help me find out, are we ready as a society to talk about these things openly ?


Mental health problems can be just as bad or worse than having physical illness.

For 10 years I have had major clinical depression and  anxiety, it’s most likely going to be with me for life, paranoia is something that happens a lot. Tonight’s paranoia is regarding friendship and a fear of friends being annoyed with me or fed up of me.

Like many people I don’t have a high opinion of myself, I know I am kind and caring in nature and I do tend to be over generous is some areas in fear of loosing people but often my mind goes round in vicious circles of convincing myself people don’t like me and find me weird and don’t actually want to be my friend.

Sometimes I can nip the paranoia in the bud if I notice it happening but other times my mind gets carried away and I end up having a full blown fall out with a friend in my head because I’m so annoyed about the situation.

For me paranoia ties in closely with social anxiety, my social anxiety has improved vastly over the past 3-5 years but there is always the odd bad day when it creeps up again and sends me off in to panic attack mode. There are no magic pills for mental health illnesses, I am on medication for both depression and anxiety but they do not fix you, they simply give you to tools to help yourself, it’s hard work and there are days where I think wow life is such an effort, why does everything need to be so hard ?

At the end of the day you have to work hard to make your life worth something, this is what makes you a stronger person.


Enter at your own risk

ImageA new blog has been a long time coming, my mind is becoming too chaotic for facebook and twitter, my ramblings shall appears here from now on, I miss the good old livejournal days…

I’m not your ‘average’ “normal” person, I have mental health problems, my physical health is not too great either, you might not understand me, but I am me, those few who are allowed to let in to my world are my everything, I love them more than I love me…