Yesterday I fell apart, reached the limit, couldn’t take anymore…In such a way that I splattered like a puddle over the floor streaming off in many directions, some of me won’t come back, there will now be mental scars impregnated in my mind.

Illness has taken over my life in ways I could never imagine, the feelings of being trapped, dependant and useless can’t be understood by anyone unless they have been through it themselves.

There’s the pain, I’ve not been pain free for months, I’ve managed to get to the “I’m just uncomfortable now” stage but never pain free. I’ve been given all the painkillers I can, if it gets unbearable then morphine and hospital are the only options left.

Then there’s the not being able to eat which leads to a severe lack of energy, think about the most tired time you’ve ever been, then add on the flu and a sleepless night and you might be getting close, your body physically aches all the time, just going to the toilet it a huge effort, you’re constantly fighting against your eyes which want to close, never mind the social act of food or the fact that you still get hungry at times but can’t have anything other than liquid.

How would you feel if you had been told that the majority of people in your situation end up on a feeding tube, not working and needing carers.

My life as I knew it has been torn away from me and there’s no hope in sight of it getting better, I can’t go to uni, I can’t drive most of the time, I can’t look after the kids, most of my life is about resting in the hope that tomorrow will be a better day but it never is.

If you’re familiar with the spoon theory then you can relate to my energy levels just now, I’m borrowing spoons left right and centre which is resulting is some sire situations.

Yesterday I went into uni because I had my counselling appointment which even with no energy I really need just now. It was a long day for me and by the end I was physically struggling, I was dizzy and faint, my heart was racing and I had to sit down, I was sweating and disorientated and needed to get home. A misunderstanding with the BFG made me think I had to drive home that terrified me so much that I burst into tears in the middle of the atrium, I couldn’t help it, weeks of anger and pain that had built up came out.

It turned out that he did come back and stayed which was what I needed because the kids were here and I just CANNOT cope with them when I am this ill but I still have my pride, I don’t want to have to point out to people when I need help, I already feel bad enough that I NEED people to be helping me out on a practical level.

The husband has always been a practical person where as I am an emotional person but I am so grateful for his help just now, he is taking the kids every night he’s not working and coming round each day to tidy up for me and wash dishes etc., to him it’s not much but it means a lot to me, any day I’ve done the dishes it’s taken hours as I have to keep stopping and resting, a bit like this post which has taken me hours to write!

I’ve not even had the energy to phone the BFF this week which saddens me a lot,  I hate myself a lot just now and the physical ailments are dragging my mental health down bit by bit. I used to be the strong one, I used to be the fixer not the broken one lying on the floor……

There is no end


Domestic Goddess


Today was a fairly good day, I went into uni for the first time in 3 ? 4 weeks! It wasn’t for a class as I am still signed off. I had a lovely Starbucks latte with the BGF before going to a Union meeting. On my way home I knew I had 2/3 hours before the children needed to be collected from school so I stopped off at B&M to buy a new laundry basket, which as per usual cost £26 as there are so many bits and pieces in that shop that I *need* like a funky oven glove, kitchen roll….hair dye..etc. Then I popped into Asda and decided I would make soup today, since becoming ill the children have been living on quick and easy to make foods like french toast or pizza! So while I had some energy (thanks to the 4 coffees!) I went for it.

The front pot is butternut squash and lentil and the back one is leek and potato, I’m hoping if I blend them to an inch of their life I will be able to have some too, seriously I’m not a milkshake fan anyway so this complan mix is becoming harder and harder to stomach! I used to make soup twice a week when I did Slimming World, wow I really miss eating real food :/

I don’t want to get ahead of myself but the children have all came home in a reasonable mood and the house has not been messed up yet, dare I say this may be a good day ?!

You never know, maybe I’ll even get the iron out tonight, or not..